So much always going on!

Haven’t been on here for awhile! I’ve been trying to keep up with world news and I’m thinking about furthering my education. ITT tech has a lot of good options, yet so does Everest College. We’ll see. I’m enjoying working for the moment. My passion is people and helping them and learning about them and it’s just crazy what has happened with the hostage situation in Algeria. To think my mom used to live there with her parents when my grandpa was in the oil business. There are so many things we take for granted living in the USA. Then the revolts on Egypt..they fought so hard for democracy and freedom and yet so many citizens feel that they still haven’t achieved that after two years. Then Iran said if anyone came to help Syria they would declare war on them. Just today, or yesterday there, at least 65 people were found shot dead in Syria with their hands bound behind their backs. Something has to be done about this civil war that has been going on since November 2011. But going to war with Iran, that’s a scary thought. It makes it very difficult for the US or any country to step in and help being that Iran has nuclear weapons.

This is what I’ve been doing, researching, watching documentaries and trying to keep myself educated while I decided on my future education.